We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us

Company Profile

Welcome to Fasola Architects which offers modern, contemporary, custom residences, remodels, additions, and home renovations as a full service architectural firm service for Southern California. We are a contemporary and forward-thinking architectural firm that designs interesting homes and commercial buildings.

We look forward to designing great buildings- buildings that our clients will enjoy for many, many years. We are proud that most of our clients still live in the homes that we’ve designed, even after 20 years and more. This is largely because our design process is so collaborative; we listen carefully to what our clients want. They become part of our design process, so that their building, whether a house or a work space, provides what they need. We also develop a clear project budget, which helps guide the design, and keeps our clients comfortable with the project costs.

A good architect must develop a creative vision of what a project will become. After all, a building can provide much more than just a place to inhabit. A well-designed house can be a place where families thrive and enjoy a happier life together, where indoor and outdoor spaces connect and complement each other, where people are invigorated and where they are comfortable. A work space can be bright, stimulating and inspiring. And all spaces can be interesting.

There are many great things happening in architecture today. Homes have become better places for living and entertaining, materials and construction quality are better now than in the past 60 years, and people in general are more familiar with good design. The internet has provided a great place to see what is happening in architecture and interior design all over the world. And there is an increased awareness of energy-efficient design and sustainability that did not exist even two decades ago.

When we start a new project, our goal is to design a building that exceeds every aspect of what our clients believe can be possible. We are proud that we have consistently achieved that goal

About the Principal

Jim Fasola earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA, and his Master of Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He has lived in Lugano, Switzerland, where he attended the SCI-Arc European Studies program. He has been a California licensed architect for over 25 years.

Jim grew up in Southern California, absorbing the energy and creativity of the culture and environment. He studied urban planning in the United States, and has traveled throughout Japan, China, Egypt, and Europe, seeing the different challenges and solutions that inspire and influence architecture in each of those environments. He has learned traditional construction techniques from European craftsmen, and design concepts from Japanese architects. This experience has provided a substantial well of knowledge that helps influence all of his designs.

There are three basic principles that guide Jim’s design philosophy:

One is to accentuate the inherent qualities of materials, and to maintain honesty of structure. Attention to proportion, development of rhythm, and the creation of solid and void, are critical components of good design.

The second is the use of sustainable materials, and the development of energy-efficient buildings. We use natural materials wherever possible, and limit the use of plastics and solvents. Maximizing the use of natural light, consideration of winds and weather, and a minimal reliance on air conditioning and heating are all primary concerns in our building designs.

Third is the creation of exciting and inspired designs. Good architecture should provide a profound visual and emotional experience. A house or commercial building can be dynamic, invigorating, thought-provoking, and comfortable, and can greatly improve the quality of one’s life.

Fabian Moscoso

Fabian is a talented architect and digital illustrator. His 3D models and renderings allow us to clearly see what our buildings will look like, which helps us explore and refine our design ideas. He produces interior and exterior renderings, photorealistic images, and creates virtual tours and panoramas using advanced graphic software.

His models make it easy to communicate our vision to our clients.

Calvin Richardson

Calvin has worked with Fasola Architects for several years while completing his architectural education. Talented, creative, and dedicated, he has a strong design foundation, and excellent knowledge of building systems and lighting design.

Fasola Architects is a full service architectural firm that provides residential and commercial building design, and interior design services for homes and offices. Our projects range from new construction to additions, remodels and historic preservation. We serve Southern California, Los Angeles, and the South Bay, including Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Venice, Santa Monica, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Our custom homes and commercial buildings emphasize sustainability, energy efficiency, and green building practices. We make extensive use of natural and renewable materials.