Behrens Engineering

Hawthorne, California 6,000 square feet This commercial building combines split-faced concrete block with an integrated steel frame. This structural system allows the use of large glass areas and steel canopies, which are rarely seen with concrete block construction. The canopies, supported by diagonal steel struts, allow plenty of natural light to enter the offices, while eliminating […]

Melrose Residence

Encino, California 3,800 square feet The Melrose Residence is a contemporary update to a typical 1970’s ranch house. The rooms of the existing house were opened up, the ceilings were raised, and the connection to the rear yard was improved. The central living room features a twenty two foot wide, six-panel sliding door, which seamlessly joins […]

Lucky’s Glass

Lawndale, California 12,000 square feet The owner of Lucky’s Glass Company had three goals for his new building.  First, It had to make use of glass in an interesting way.  Second, the building had to be simple and relatively inexpensive to construct. Third, it had to be secure at night without looking oppressive. Our project succeeded […]

Profet Residence

Manhattan Beach, California 2,500 Square feet This project was a major renovation of an existing house. Originally constructed in 1960, this house had small rooms with low ceilings. The spaces were dark, and the house needed significant structural repairs. We gave the house a completely new look with a wide-open feeling. Outside, the existing concrete […]

Venice Lofts

Venice, California 17,000 Square feet Dynamic design, bold colors, and the creative use of materials distinguish this loft complex.  Located in the heart of Venice Beach, each of the six units are visually distinct, yet all work together to form a cohesive composition. Each loft contains a live/work space, with a work studio on the ground […]

Hax Sports Center

Los Angeles, California 82,000 square feet. HAX Basketball Club was developed from an existing warehouse in a mixed-use area. The basketball and volleyball courts are used for training, youth leagues, and large tournaments. Fasola Architects designed the basic layout of all court and training areas, the locker rooms, the public and private areas, and obtained two […]