A Classic Renovation

Los Angeles, California 12,000 Square feet This neo-classical monument was originally built in 1917 in Hancock Park, the historic mansion district of Los Angeles. The house was originally built to be operated by a large staff of servants, and didnt function well for contemporary living. The kitchen was small and had a poor connection to the rest of the house, and many of the rooms were small and uninviting. The house had suffered through an unfortunate remodeling in the 1980s, and had lost some of its previous glory. We started by designing a large entertainment kitchen, connected it to a new family room, and created a casual and very usable great room. The many maids rooms were combined into a single large room, which became the gymnasium. The rear yard and pool were connected more directly to the interior of the house, which now allows comfortable and easy access. The best of the original elements were restored or improved. The original house detailing, which had been covered with a heavy textured coating, was exposed. And the lighting and entertainment systems were brought up to date. The house has regained its original elegance, while becoming much more inviting and livable.