Lucky’s Glass

Lawndale, California 12,000 square feet The owner of Lucky’s Glass Company had three goals for his new building.  First, It had to make use of glass in an interesting way.  Second, the building had to be simple and relatively inexpensive to construct. Third, it had to be secure at night without looking oppressive. Our project succeeded on all three counts. We designed the building as a simple rectangle to simplify construction and maximize volume.  We then developed an unusual structural system of steel beams and split-face concrete block to form the building shell. The steel frame enabled large areas of the walls to be filled with a grid of glass curtain wall.  It also allowed the construction of the large steel canopies, which break up the building mass and provide shade and protection from the elements. The exterior fence is made of composite wood panels in a steel framework, which follows the same grid as the window system.  The result is a dramatic, dynamic, and efficient building that was constructed at a modest cost.