Profet Residence

Manhattan Beach, California 2,500 Square feet

This project was a major renovation of an existing house. Originally constructed in 1960, this house had small rooms with low ceilings. The spaces were dark, and the house needed significant structural repairs.

We gave the house a completely new look with a wide-open feeling. Outside, the existing concrete driveway was cut into long rectangles and reused as the planter borders. The new paving is a combination of long wooden ties anchored to colored concrete slabs. Sandstone wall facing and triple roof rafters impart a sense of strength, and the Brazilian Walnut fencing reinforces the linear design concept and the use of deep colors. The Jacaranda tree was preserved and provides interesting contrast and shading.

Inside, the kitchen, dining room, and living room were merged and the ceiling was raised to create an open volume, which is now the core of the house. The large four-panel door and clerestory windows above make a strong visual connection to the outside deck and the city views beyond. The horizontal bamboo cabinetry and long ceramic tiles maintain the linear look. The house interior is now bathed in natural light and has a clean, open feeling throughout.