Venice Lofts

Venice, California 17,000 Square feet Dynamic design, bold colors, and the creative use of materials distinguish this loft complex.  Located in the heart of Venice Beach, each of the six units are visually distinct, yet all work together to form a cohesive composition. Each loft contains a live/work space, with a work studio on the ground floor, and the living areas on the upper floors.  This arrangement allows the owners to connect to the lively Venice street scene during the day, and retire to a secure, open, and airy home at night. We successfully met the many challenges that a multi-unit complex near the beach presents, and achieved the goals of the developer and the community.  We obtained approvals from the Venice neighborhood planners, the Los Angeles Planning Department, the local city councilman, and the California Coastal Commission.  We assembled the team of engineers and consultants required for a complex project like this, and we directed them throughout the design and construction process.  We met the developers schedule and budget, and created an innovative and thought-provoking building design.  The finished project is an ideal fit with the neighborhood, and is an asset to the community.